Hello my dearest daughter,

Here’s a collection of very useful sites on the Sega Dreamcast, annotated for your browsing convenience. You may wish to bookmark this page and/or save it to a readily available text or html file as you surf the web for Dreamcast lore, because these are totally killer, Grade-A websites.

Planet Dreamcast looks like one of the better Dreamcast sites. Check out this article listing what the editors feel are among the best Dreamcast games in each of about eight categories, with 3 or 4 titles in each — seems like a good way to get familiar with some of the more notable titles in the Dreamcast universe.

IGN Dreamcast is a big ambitious site that has recently begun a systematic revisiting of all 250 Dreamcast games released in the US, replaying and updating the review for every one. They’ve still got a way to go, but meantime they still have their existing original reviews for a very large number of games, including the one I find quite intriguing: Jet Grind Radio.

Here’s the list of Dreamcast games on the Metacritic site I mentioned to you, sorted from highest to lowest score — not all games are on the list, because Metacritic scores are averaged from multiple reviews online and in magazines, and they don’t display this value until there at least five reviews to calculate an average score from. Notice that Jet Grind Radio is #4 on the list, and much more interesting than the #1 through #3, I think you’ll agree.

Lotsa nifty goodies on the Google Directory page for Sega Dreamcast.

Plenty of Dreamcast games and accessories on eBay, even when limited to sellers located in Canada, which is a good idea for purchases up to $100 or so, given that shipping fees from US sellers are usually at least $20 or higher.

A major Canadian seller of Dreamcast stuff on eBay is PNP Games in Winnipeg, MB. Their prices are quite good, like $10 for a Dreamcast Controller, and they seem to have a wide selection, but shipping stil needs to be factored into the total cost — $10 for the first item, $3 for each additional item.

Dreamcast-Scene and DC Evolution are two hardcore hacker/hobbyist sites, pushing Dreamcast to the limits as a computing platform and general digital Swiss army knife, with lots of links and info on emulators, KallistOS, free public software and game development, hardware mods, and all the rest of the fun geeky stuff.

Dreamcast-Scene offers a “Guide for Dreamcast starters” to help quickly get into all that fun geeky stuff and become part of the extended Dreamcast community. The site also orchestrates petitions and campaigns to forestall discontinuation of some hardware or software component important to the Sega Dreamcast’s continued vitality.

There’s some interesting info in the Wikipedia article on Sega Dreamcast.

And finally, check out these screenshots from “Alice Dreams”, a cool contemporary freeware game developed by a French couple. It’s got a unique painterly visual quality, so exquisitely French in its whimsical charm and casual elegance.

Once we figure out how to burn Dreamcast-readable CD-R’s, we can download that game and a pile of other games and software, burn it all to CDs, and the Dreamcast will rock. I am researching the matter.

Enough Dreamcastery for now, my dear. I’ve been exploring DreamCast sites for hours now — and greatly enjoying it! Now you can benefit from my efforts and go exploring yourself. These sites all have links of their own to yet more of Dreamcast sites, and so constitute something like a network of portals to most if not all of the Dreamcast web presence.

If and when you get an email address that you actually use, let me know and I can send it to you that way as well.

Love from Lord Cattus Reynardicus and his humble monkey slave.