Tokyo Police Club “Citizens of Tomorrow”. This link seems to be working now. Listen to the lyrics.

The Ballet “In My Head”. I have also uploaded the lyrics and chords for this ever-so-nifty bittersweet lament, in two different keys so you can choose which one you prefer singing to, and in two different file formats: Word, which is preferred if you’ve got MS Word on your computer, and plain text in case you don’t. Actually even if you don’t have Word, AppleWorks might be able to successfully convert the Word document and retain the formatting. Oh yes, the Word document uses a monospaced font called Lucida Sans Typewriter, which I think is installed on most Mac OS X systems, either as part of the OS itself, or with Adobe Reader, or maybe even Microsoft Office or Word. If you have Word and that font, you’re all set. If you have Word and not that font, I can send the font to you. If you don’t have Word, I can send that to you! Except by mail, not online –it’s a bit too big for that, and it’s easier anyway if you have the install CD.

Where are these “In My Head” documents, you ask? At the bottom of this page is a strange box I’ve named “Treasure Chest”. It’s a WordPress widget that connects to a site called where you can store and share up to 10 GB of files for free, with a maximum size for each individual file of 10 MB — which is big enough for the vast majority of music mp3’s that are under ten minutes long, but a rather constricting size for video longer than a couple minutes. Anyway, it’s a darned useful tool even with those limits, as you’ll see, or rather hear, in the Treasure Chest at the bottom of the page.

If everything is working right, you should be able to click any song file in “Treasure Chest” and it will start playing online within a few moments, allowing you to preview the track. Of course, you will want to download all the tracks I’ve put into “Treasure Chest” because they all totally FUCKING RULE!!! To download, hover your mouse over the desired file in the “Treasure Chest” and a menu button will appear for that file — click that, and a little menu pops down which includes a choice to “Download”. Once you get the files onto your hard drive, you know how to get them into iTunes I assume.

These are just some tunes I thought you guys would dig, chosen fairly haphazardly. It’s not like a carefully selected, best-songs-ever collection or anything like that. Though looking over the list I can’t help but notice that every one of them happens to TOTALLY FUCKING RULE!!! And they’re all among my personal faves of the past few months.

For your further enjoyment, a couple more links I mentioned on the phone, conveniently at your mouse-tips:

Many public domain texts read aloud can be found Librivox. For sheer weirdness, check out Bram Stoker’s Lair of the White Worm.

Despite the risk of clicking through page after page until your eyes are shrivelled red-streaked raisins, you should check out the swords-&-sorcery romantic fantasy soap opera web comic Inverloch, which finally reached its conclusion in August 2007, after 3 years or so and hundreds of full colour pages. It’s not mind-blowingly brilliant, but it’s a solid story and the characters are truly charming and rendered with depth and sparkle.