George W Bush — incompetent bumbling sociopath, compulsive liar, villainous war criminal, and far and away the worst president in US history; but above all else, the most naturally gifted straight man who has ever lived, and God’s gift to modern comedy.

Oh, by the way, I guess I should mention that this video is not some boring old news thingy — it’s a severely funny spoof by Barry Lank, who plays the reporter at a Bush news conference.

We’ve all seen and heard countless examples of people cutting Bush audio and video clips up and mixing them into new contexts. Surprisingly, these efforts rarely fail to be reasonably humourous — more proof of Bush’s idiot-savant comic powers, which only increase with time and according to how much he’s trying to project an aura of solemn gravity and depth of feeling at any given moment.

This video is a particularly fine example of the genre. Don’t even think about watching it for the first time while cleaning a gun, defusing a bomb, or trying to figure out how to shave with your cool new ultra-retro straight razor.